The Carlton Dance One Last Time


So I Married an Ax Murderer Almost Seamless Intro

This intro is cool because it changes camera shot only three times. Looks a little like twice but pretty sure it is three.


Hope Is a Good Thing – Red Finds Andy

Quite possibly the best five minutes of film I have ever watched. Packs a wallop every single time.


Help Me Help You – Jerry Maguire and Rod Tidwell

What a great scene. Tome Cruise’s best movie ever and Cuba Gooding Junior in the role that earned him a best supporting actor Oscar.


Obama Explains Obamacare

No matter who you are, Democrat or Republican, please take the time to listen to this speech. In it, Barrack Obama explains the Affordable Care Act in very clear terms.



The Last Word On Google and Duplicate Content

Today I come  to you with the last advice you will ever need about using duplicate content.

Don’t do it! That is if you want your content to be included in the wonderful show that is Google’s SERPS.

Today’s Google is not the Google you used to know and you are probably better off if you never even knew them before. Because Google bears little resemblance to itself  ten years ago. Today Google’s SERPS are the biggest content show on earth and people are absolutely falling over themselves to be included in that show. And, while Google says their primary interest is serving the most relevant search results to their users, that’s only half the story.

Trafic, Traffic, Traffic

You probably think of Google as a search engine and, basically, a tool that is used to find actual websites. But, the reality is that Google is also a website, like any other except that they have the biggest, baddest and most influential website in the world. And websites thrive on traffic. And content drives traffic.

Remember that great Saturday Night Live skit where Bruce Dickenson, played by Christopher Walken, is producing Don’t Fear the Reaper for Blue Oyster Cult. he tells the band that he puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like they do. Except, when he finishes putting his pants on, he makes gold records. That’s Google.

Google is the world’s most visited website by far. It’s not even close. And that makes them the most sought out destination for web content the world has ever known. There were 1,873,910,000,000 searches made on Google in 2012. That was 5,134,000,000 per day, or around 60,000 every single second.

And YOU want to be part of their search results?

Realistically, Google already has thousands of times more content submitted to them than they could ever use. So they can afford to be the most discriminating purveyor of content ever. They want their SERPS to be perfect and tailored to every single user. That allows them to make the most of those 60,000 visits per second. That massive targeted mass of terrific traffic has anyone and everyone with something to sell falling all over each other to buy tiny pieces of Adwords real estate. And, while Google makes money lots of ways, advertising revenue is the big dog. Those advertising revenues stood at over 48 billion dollars for 2012.

So, what does this all mean?

It means there is no place in the Googles SERPS for anything remotely resembling duplicate content. They don’t like it and, more importantly, don’t need it. Not in the least. So you can take everything you ever leaned about obtaining, storing and disseminating aggregate content, throw it in the ocean and move on.

Think of it this way. The Google SERPS are the show and Adwords are the commercials. If you want to be part of Google’s prime time lineup, you better bring your A game. By “prime time” I mean page one. Want to be part of their daytime or late night lineup on pages 2, 3, 4 and so on? Even that is getting harder.

Also, keep in mind that, as television networks often do, they cancel prime time shows when necessary, often demoting them to 3 AM infomercial status.




You Will Not Presume to Lecture this Commission

Director Frank Darabount, director of Shawshank Redemption, hit another grand slam with The Majestic. In this clip, screen writer Peter Appleton, played by Jim Carrey, makes a crucial decision to stop looking out only for himself. See this movie.


Doc Saves Karin – Hey Rookie, You Were Good

This clip from Field of Dreams is one of the most heartwarming scenes you will ever see in any sports movie. Think about it. Archie knows it is up to him to save Karin even though, at this point in his magical new life, he is many years away from becoming a doctor.


George McFly Knocks Biff Out

Brilliant Director Robert Zemeckis put together an iconic Back to the Future scene that changed the life of George McFly and his family for generations.


Round Up the Usual Suspects

At that moment Rick realizes Louie is on his side and this truly is “the beginning of a beautiful friendship”. What a scene in my favorite movie ever.